Parents as Partners

Improvement Plan 

Each year the school identifies priority areas for improvement, this may be based on Ofsted reports, progress and attainment data, current changes in policy, parents views or children’s needs.  Our current priorities are:

  • Continue to develop curriculum overviews to support teaching and learning
  • Review conflict resolution strategies and how the staff support children’s emotional intelligence
  • Continue to support the provision for our vulnerable children and our children with special needs
  • Continue to develop the well being project
  • Develop our home learning provision
  • Ensure that the school is COVID safe


Our positive relationship with parents is really important to us in nursery, and we believe that this can improve children’s progress and development.  Parents and children on our waiting list are invited to weekly ‘inspire’ sessions, were they can start to build relationships with our key staff.   Inspire sessions run throughout the year and groups of ten children, along with parents, are invited to the ‘stay and play’ sessions, to learn about how the nursery staff will deliver the early years curriculum and how parents can support their children at home.


During the time at nursery each child is allocated a key person. The key person is responsible for ensuring that assessments are completed for each child and that children’s individual needs and interests and incorporated into the planning.

Children are able to create a strong bond with their key person that helps them feel safe and secure.

Home Learning (COVID) 

We hope the following websites will provide you with resources that you can use with your child. Click on the link below to view the websites!

Remember if your child can not attend nursery it is important that you play and interact at the correct level for their development – your keyworker can help you and direct you to the correct level of activities that are promoted below and will also provide you with a differentiated home learning pack for you to enjoy with your child.!/lockdown—stay-safe-stay-at-home

Parents Evenings 

Parents evenings are held at regular points during the year to ensure that parents are informed on how well their child has settled into nursery and updated on their progress and attainment in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Regular reports are provided by 2 simple.

Parental Questionnaires 

At key points in the year the school consults with the parents to ensure that they are providing the best service they can and to allow them to gather feedback so that the school can continue to improve.

Parental Workshop

Throughout the year, a range of workshops are provided to our parents and their children to support learning. Each workshop aims to support a particular are of learning, and helps parents to understand how they can support learning at home.

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