What is the purpose of the governing body?

Our school governing body are responsible for ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction. They also oversee our budget for the financial performance of the school and making sure all money is allocated and spent appropriately. They do this by maintaining close contact with the headteacher and working with the staff to ensure that, as far as possible and practicable, they all have the facilities and resources needed to do their jobs effectively.

Our Governors

Hilary Wilford  – Chair of Governors

  • Appointed 26/09/2016
  • Retired Childcare Manager

Rachel Lewis Headteacher Governor

  • Appointed 01/01/2009
  • Member of North West Federation of Nursery School Headteachers

Suzanne Payne Co-Opted Governor

  • Appointed 26/09/2015
  • responsible for Vulnerably Children
  • Headteacher of Crossens Nursery School, sefton member of North West Federation of Nursery school.
  • Headteachers strategic partner with Westbridge teaching school.

Cath Ardern Co-Opted Governor

  • Appointed 21/01/2014
  • responsible for Assessment, Language + Literature.
  • Headteacher at Douglas Valley Nursery School, Wigan.
  • Member of North West Federation of Nursery School Headteachers.
  • Strategic partner with Westbridge teaching school.

Christine Emmett Staff Governor

  • Appointed 07/03/2016
  • Elected by staff

Jo Robinson – Co-opted Governor 

  • Appointed 20/06/2016
  • Start Well manager for Locality 2

Lyndsey MartinParent Governor

Appointed 26.03.2018
Resigned – 17.09.2019

Samantha BainesAssociate Governor

Appointed 26.03.2018
Resigned – 10.01.2020


At the end of every school year the Governing Body publish a brief report for parents, please feel free to read the report below or request a paper copy from school if you require.


Annual Report to Parents July 2018
Governor Attendance Record