Summer 17

Thank you for completing our Summer Term 2017 Questionnaire.

(30 Responses received)

We are pleased to inform you that, 100% of parents Agree and Strongly Agree that their children are happy at Hindley Nursery School.

100% of parents Agree and Strongly Agree that their child is safe in our school and making good progress.

You have highlighted some strengths:

Staff (18 comments)

  • Good communication and relationships are built between staff and parents (4 comments)
  • All staff are approachable and friendly (4 comments)
  • Welcoming teaching staff who always provide appropriate updates regarding my child’s progress
  • Welcoming to everyone and staff always willing to help (2 comments)
  • Caring / supportive
  • Good staff
  • Fantastic relationship between child, parent and key worker helps to settle children in and discussing any problems
  • The great relationship between my child and key worker
  • All staff are on the ball
  • Nothing is to much trouble for staff
  • Staff are well educated

Teaching (13 comments)

  • Confidentiality – ”i like the first name basis rather than teacher”
  • Children are more prepared and ready for school
  • Good communication
  • Recognising my child’s needs by switching key workers, well set out
  • Routine for children attending daily / identifying issues and areas for development are supported well.
  • Children listen and respond well to teachers
  • Learning new things all the time
  • Wide range of activities / teaching facilities
  • Keeping the children active during nursery
  • Teaching staff
  • Good learning / development structure for children
  • Excellent teaching, instead of just looking after children
  • Learning in ways which is fun but educational

Behaviour (4 comments)

  • Behaviour of children
  • Sets routines and boundaries
  • Promotes positive behaviour and attitudes
  • Routine – ”Keeping to a set routine has helped my child learn and develop”.

Environment (10 comments)

  • Security – making my child feel safe and welcome
  • There are lots of activities for the children to participate in
  • Safe environment
  • Great fun atmosphere for children
  • Knowing my child is safe as during opening and closing hours the door is always monitored reassuring that my child wont follow me out
  • Very welcoming (3 comments)

Building, Outdoor and Community Area (5 comments)

  • Excellent premises / facilities (3 comments)
  • Mrs Tea’s cafe (2 comments)

Progress (7 comments)

  • Keeping me up to date with my child’s progress
  • Assisted with child’s educational development
  • My child has come on hugely over the last 9 months, the nursery setting and staff has helped her to gain more confidence
  • Both our children have developed vastly under the care of this school
  • Children get moved to different groups to suit their individual needs
  • Good feedback on child’s learning and development, making parents aware of how well their child is doing at nursery.
  • My child is learning so much her speech, manners, behaviour and how much she’s achieved since being at nursery.

You have highlighted some area’s to improve:

  • Homework
  • Continuing to improve feedback to parents about their child’s development.


Comments from parents:

”My 3 children have attended Hindley Nursery School. My eldest now at school in year 1, my twins attend nursery still and their progress has been amazing, without the help and hard work the nursery staff i would not of felt that any of them would be ready for school.”

” we have left the improvements section blank, as we believe this nursery has done everything possible to care and prepare my child for her next step in learning. Credit to the staff at his nursery.”

” As a family we really don’t have any problems with the nursery, my child comes home happy and excited most days, she’s progressed brilliantly.”

” From what i have seen at Hindley Nursery School i am extremely impressed by how it is run. All staff are welcoming and friendly, always a smile for the children, lovely atmosphere. I believe my child will achieve at this nursery.”

” I am really pleased with my child’s progress in nursery, he has developed good relationships with staff, and friendships with others.”

” Very pleased with the provision provided at this nursery.”

” I would recommend to anyone to send their child here, i cannot fault this nursery school. The inspure sessions were brilliant and allowed my child to settle in really well and i could see the progress/change in him over the first few months.”