Equality & Diversity

In accordance with our mission statement and aims as a school we pledge to respect the equal human rights of all our pupils and to educate them about equality and diversity issues.  We will also respect the equal rights of our staff, visitors and our local community.

Our school is committed to ensuring all REASONABLE, PRACTICAL AND PROPORTIANATE steps are taken to ensure Equality and Diversity for our children, staff, parents and visitors.

Our school building is purpose built and we are fully accessible and also have a lift to move between the ground floor and the upper floor.  We are able to accommodate children with physical or learning disabilities and have open plan environments to enable the use of wheelchairs, walking frames, standing frames and other bespoke equipment that children may need.

Our school admissions criteria ensures that children with additional needs are given priority.  We work closely with outside agencies such as SALT, OT, Physiotherapy to ensure that strategies and equipment are in place to support children’s learning and development.

Equality & Diversity Policy & accessibility plan 17-21