National Lottery Funded

The Urban Woodland

Hindley Nursery School is very excited to announce that we have been successful in being awarded an Awards for All Grant from the National Lottery.  This grant is for the creation of an Urban Woodland.

Hindley Nursery School was successful in the summer of 2016 in receiving funding from the Big Lottery Fund to create an Urban Woodland Project.  This project was  created to provide access for our children and their families to a natural woodland area, where our children have an outdoor learning and play environment which will enhance their creativity and imagination.

The grant has funded: den making, bug hotels, outdoor classroom, boulders, logs, tree planting and landscaping.


Our Woodland Nursery

Our Woodland Nursery gives the children the opportunity to learn through contact with their natural world.  It offers experiences which are unique to outdoors.  Children learn about the changes of the seasons and the unpredictability of the weather and it’s effect on our environment.  Children learn to respect nature and consider the connections of humans, animals and plants.  They learn to problem solve, nurture their creativity and develop their imagination.  Playing outdoors in green spaces leads to a sense of wellbeing for the children, as well as offering an opportunity to be active and discover their physical capabilities. Children work together or individually to explore and discover their physical world through a range of senses. Activities based on nature focuses the children’s understanding and deepens their learning as they play first hand in the woodlands and explore the open ended opportunities for learning this environment provides.  We end each session in the Nursery Woodlands by sitting around our campfire with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a toasted marshmallow.  This providing further opportunities to learn about keeping safe and with all the children together it enables the children and adults to reflect on the sessions activities.

Please look out for photographs which will follow the build of the project:

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Sensory Garden Project

Hindley Nursery School has once again been successful in being awarded an Awards for All Grant from the National Lottery.  This grant is for the creation of a Sensory Garden.


Sensory Garden

Hindley Nursery School was successful in the autumn of 2017 in receiving funding from the Big Lottery Fund to create a Sensory Garden Project.  This project was created to provide a new outdoor sensory play resource within the grounds of the school for the benefit of our children in our school community.  The aim of the project is to provide fun sensory learning opportunities that will enhance problem solving skills, stimulate imagination and creativity and improve language and social interaction.

The grant has funded a textured pathway, observation shelter, water and sand play.

Our Sensory Garden serves as an enhancement to our curricular activities.  Our children can focus on interaction and engagement with natural elements through touch, smell, sight and sound, through the different materials used on the sensory barefoot pathway, the water and sand play areas or observing the natural habitat from the observation shelter.  We believe it is important for all our children to have sensory play and to immerse themselves in sensory activities to help meet their needs and move on to other experiences, promoting their active movement and sensory stimulation.

Click here to see pictures of the Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden



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