Anti-Bullying Statement

Anti-Bullying Statement

All children at Hindley Sure Start Nursery School are entitled to learn in a safe and supportive environment.  This means they should be free from all forms of bullying behaviour.

Bullying is persistent behaviour by an individual or group with the intention of verbally, physically, or emotionally harming another.  It is often difficult for a victim to defend themselves against bullying.

Bullying is generally characterised by:

  • Repetition:  Incidents are not one-offs but frequent and happen over a period of time.
  • Intent:  The perpetrator means to cause verbal, physical or emotional harm.  It is not accidental.
  • Targeting:  Bullying is generally targeted at a specific individual or group.
  • Power inbalance:  Whether real or perceived, bullying is generally based on unequal power relations.

Through our strong key worker relationships with children we will ensure that the personal, social and emotional development of all of our children is supported and remains a strong focus throughout our early years provision.  Key workers will be aware of friendships and encourage pupil co-operation and the development of interpersonal skills through play and group work.  Opportunities to extend friendships will be encouraged throughout nursery.

Any reports of bullying will be treated very seriously and will be challenged and never ignored.  All reports of bullying will be seriously investigated and the school will work closely with the children and parents involved to resolve the situation.

Bullying throughout the School of any child, staff member, parent or user is not tolerated.  All Local Authority policies will be followed.

If any parents are unhappy about the way in which matters have been dealt with they must follow the School and local authority complaints procedure.