Start Well Family Hub

Start Well Locality 2

From September 1st this Children’s Centre will become part of the Start Well network offering some of the activities that support you and your family.

Hindley Nursery School will be a linked site to the local Start Well Centre at Platt Bridge.

Platt Bridge Start Well will be responsible for providing a range of services and support for families across Platt Bridge, Hindley, Ashton and Bryn.

Jo Robinson is the Platt Bridge Start Well Centre Manager and works closely with children, families and the community to identify the services requires across our locality. Please see the timetable below to se when the Start Well staff will be available at Hindley.


Start Well Consultation Phase 2

The below link is access to the public questionnaire and further information is attached on what as a team is trying to be achieved moving forward with the Start Well Model.

Start Well Phase 2 Consultation

It is imperative we collate as much feedback as possible involving all our partners to ensure we have a sufficient service that can meet the needs of all our children and families.




Projects, activities and events are advertised in the entrance / reception area and in all the Start Well linked sites. You can also view this information and much more on the Family Information Service website 




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